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Vintage Vinyl Comes Alive! (VVCA!) has arrived to re-imagine your favorite multi-platinum albums of all time with a unique and spirited approach to live performance.

VVCA! is designed to completely engage the audience by providing a full spectrum, multimedia sensory experience that marries the time-tested power of live performance with historical visual elements guaranteed to transport passionate fans back in time to where and when they discovered the albums that cracked their hearts and changed their lives. Tapping a talent pool of top musicians from around the world, VVCA! will faithfully recreate every classic groove from a wide and wondrous cache of carefully selected iconic releases, combining archival images with robust riffs for a one-of-a-kind theatrical adventure.

An eclectic mix of heralded LPs from the long play’s golden age, 1960's to 1980's, will be performed in their original entirety for a sonic celebration of the psychedelic, good vibrations, make love/not war era when melody elevated the soul and lyric spoke the truth of the nation.
Vintage Vinyl Comes Alive!  will remind every lifelong music-loving fan what it was like to drop a needle down on a spinning platter and feel absolutely immortal.

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